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    Tips for Pediatric Websites

    While we formed the legal structure of Wagger Designs in 2009, our founding members were doing business under the name of Wagger Designs for several years before that.  While going through our customer archives I came across our very first customer, a Pediatric Dentist operating …

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  • Fast and Easy Web Safe Fonts

    Here’s a scenario that’s all too familiar for professional web developers: you have a great concept or fleshed-out design, and it’s time to convert it to real markup.  Not surprisingly, there are one or more snappy, nonstandard fonts in the design that you need to …

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  • Sopa


    While we try to stay out of politics, there have been a couple of bills threatening the free and open exchange of information on the World Wide Web that, in our minds, should be a topic that all citizens are aware of.  The enforcement of …

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    Things to Love About Chrome Developer Tools

    After reading recently that IE is finally wearing out its welcome (except in government and huge companies), it occurred to me that I couldn’t remember precisely when I had started using Chrome as my primary frontend debugger, but that it is measured in months. Why would someone …

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  • W3C Has Big Layout Plans for CSS3

    Have you ever had to spend extra hours Googling a solution to a tricky float problem?  If you’re more developer than UI layout guru, there’s a Working Draft at the W3C which could make your life far easier. Dubbed template layouts, they aim to improve …

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  • Smashing Magazine Missed the Mark

    We at Wagger Designs read a lot of Smashing Magazine to keep up with the comings and goings in the business we work in. But, when Jake brought this article to my attention – by Robert Bowen – I was absolutely flabbergasted. Mr Bowen seems to …

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