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Bringing Technology Solutions to Small Businesses
  • WaggerGrowsWebsites

    Wagger Grows Websites

    While anyone can make a website, our team specializes in truly cultivating the growth your business’ website.  What does cultivating a website even mean?  Excellent question!  Our process of website cultivation is an end-to-end process to continually evaluate the needs of your customers, your business, …

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  • Sopa


    While we try to stay out of politics, there have been a couple of bills threatening the free and open exchange of information on the World Wide Web that, in our minds, should be a topic that all citizens are aware of.  The enforcement of …

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  • A Cautionary Tale from #OceanMarketing

    Paul Christoforo from Ocean Marketing is drumming up quite a stir on the internet for his exceptionally poor customer service (if you can even call it that) and the subsequent back-pedaling which has gone viral in a quick-everyone-get-a-pitchfork sort of way. With all that has gone …

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  • We Heart Harvest!

    Tracking time worked can be challenging for a small service-oriented business that is juggling multiple clients, projects, contractors, and employees.  Initially, our approach at Wagger Designs relied on spreadsheets and a shared calendar.   As we began to grow, we tried out several other vendor solutions …

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  • Smashing Magazine Missed the Mark

    We at Wagger Designs read a lot of Smashing Magazine to keep up with the comings and goings in the business we work in. But, when Jake brought this article to my attention – by Robert Bowen – I was absolutely flabbergasted. Mr Bowen seems to …

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